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With two different ways to get new printable Super Pretzel coupons, why not save with their official offers!  They just added an offer for this bread product on RedPlum as well as one they will mail directly to you.

If you did’t know this product is meant to be baked in the oven, or put in the microwave to go from frozen to one tasty baked pretzel.  These can alo be salted and are often times served with mustard. It’s a great way to get a tasty treat for less and very simple since all you have to really do is just warm it up.

Super Pretzel Printable Coupons – 12/4/2015 – Save with this page that works for the USA and Canada with new offers they will mail directly to you. Keep in mind this could take one month to get in the mail.

50 Cents SuperPretzel Coupons - 11/4/2015 – Get 50 cents off on this discount we just found on RedPlum. No idea when they will actually stop offering this deal.

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