Printable Pizza Hut Buffet Coupons 2015

Save with this coupon now valid for the Pizza Hut buffet for a limited time only or at least by September of 2012. Everyday most pizza hut sit down restaurants have an all you can eat buffet for a low price, generally around the price of $10. You can sit down and enjoy eating some great food for one low price.

When is the Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet Available? It is¬†available from 11:30am – 1:30pm. Monday – Friday. You generally can get all the refills you want on drinks with no problem. They have a variety of different pizzas served during this special hour so you won’t want to miss out.

As they put it “Enjoy¬†world-famous pizzas, soup, pastas, salads, hot breadsticks and for desserts our own Cinnaparts”

Current Pizza Hut Coupons - 12/4/2015 – Choose from plenty of different offers available from their official website now and for a limited time only. This is a listing of all the best deals available for a restaurant location near you this year.

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