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Looks like this year has been a great time to find Uhaul discounts available for everything from truck rentals to storage!  In fact on their official website we did notice a number of different Uhaul discount coupons you can use throughout 2015 to get savings on a number of their services.  Consider that every discount matters, especially when one of my friends just had blown up to one grand just trying to move his stuff from one state to another! Even 10% off could save you $100 depending on which discount you find.

The best Uhaul discount coupon we found is that when you book online you can save a total of 20% off. This expires September 30, 2015 – and can be found via this link

Uhaul Moving Discount Code – Expires September 30, 2015 – Here is a link to their official rental website where you could save off a truck rental and more.

Coupon for Uhaul Self Storage – September 30, 2015 – Get savings off your next self storage purchase. Use this to store yourself for less. Often the first month is free or very cheap.

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